Then come across Light Jeans, White Gloves, and you will Shoes for just what’s destroyed

Select “This new Owner’s Initials is created with the dial”, then overcome the people doing return the fresh new Observe and you will Handbag

When you room your you tail your as much as, until the guy thoughts to the an alley in which the guy promptly exposes himself so you can a female. Then you definitely need certainly to pursue him off, upcoming provide him good beating.

The newest Ono Michio Bandit – West side of Theatre Square, relate solely to the group in front of the man from the outfit Award: 120,000 Yen, 150 SP You will see he here throughout the outfit, who may have having men in the a healthy. The first occasion your relate solely to them won’t indeed end in new situation though. 2nd you’ll have a spot urocho Hills, go around and you might comprehend the mascot race of the holding a knife and you can a large duffel handbag, and you can enter Games Cardio Charles. Communicate with the people who had been chasing your, after that visit Charles. When into the time nearby the outfit and check out the Knife, Fish Pouch, Dufflebag, and Head. Now whenever back into the, therefore fundamentally must glance at all i’m all over this group. All the five people’s sneakers, and bags, jeans, etcetera. you need to take a look at Scrap Can also be to the left from Nishimura that will feel the shoes inside that the robber used. A correct person to accuse are Kaneda (he in the red cardigan) since he was dressed in light pants and it has an inexplicable run out of out of proper sneakers. Having evidence to own discover the sneakers about trash, then your shoes he’s wearing. He in the fit will likely then try to slip away, however should stop your following state he could be your debt collector that’s the spot where the taimi currency has gone. You will have to defeat him up, which will prevent your situation.

“Genda’s Request” The newest Lost Diamond – To the Lodge This new Deborah (Merely north regarding Movie theater Rectangular) after Genda phone calls both you and requires you to do the case to possess him around the end of game Reward: 20,100 Yen You can talk to this lady throughout the Lodge lobby who’s a long time pal away from Genda’s, and you may she wishes that make an effort to discover this lady wallet because the they had a band away from the woman spouse involved. Yagami points out that a crook carry out generally speaking try and offer stolen property, very check out Ebisu Pawn to find out if brand new ring could there be. The property owner says he wouldn’t find the band, however the son came back later on you to definitely nights to help you in addition to get an effective chef’s knife. You need to now go to one of many Sushi dinner to collect more information. Head to Sushi Gin and consult with the property owner, then if you do this new “Sashimi of your Fallen” top circumstances these times often each other feel gone towards that. Observe that one to for additional information.

Yagami wakes around the sound off a person in brand new area, who is apparently a lady wear all white with ebony black locks while the demonstrated of the consumer. Then you certainly pursue their out of the flat by foot. After you catch this lady, possible is more than.

“Where’d My personal Jacket Wade?” Tiger Coat – Readily available following completing “New Darkest Put” Reward: 50,000 Yen, 100 SP Talk to the person upstairs inside Crazy Jackson, up coming head to the Kid’s Playground to begin with seeking the newest jacket. Correspond with an element of the into the bench, next speak to the two homeless boys status by the barrel, whom ask you to get them a couple of Bento so you’re able to jog their memory. They will certainly tell you it noticed a group of children run off with the wallet and you have going find them. If you have complete “There’s an excellent Panty Burglar on Shed!” following met Yosuke for your while the a buddy, there are your in the smoking-room of your Kamuro Theatre and you will he’s going to inform you he could be seen the culprit at the batting cages. Head here and you will select several males position when you look at the area of the town you could correspond with. Talk to him or her double, next select “Regarding the Bag Are Yellow”. You may then need see an item this option of those is actually wearing which was stolen, find the check out on the left-hand of your guy in the brand new light vest. Head over to new Southern area-Western spot pion District to discover the bag, then contrary North-East spot to acquire an excellent abandoned child wearing the fresh coat. He wishes an upgraded in exchange for the Tiger you to, which you yourself can get at the shop Don Quijote for five,100000 Yen. Get which back once again to him to find the coat right back, then you will immediately be studied back into Nuts Jackson and you may complete the truth.

“My Using is Lost” King off Hearts – Needs – Reputation Lv. 5 Reward: 100,100000 Yen, a hundred SP You’re assigned with seeking a lost lady, with very limited info to go on. You may have right here cellular phone and email, thus the initial thing can help you try wade keep in touch with Tsukumo throughout the Mantai Sites Eatery. He requires you to definitely wade see your up a great deal from Poppo towards Showa Path, which you must do upcoming come back to him on info you want. The guy lets you know you to she is today functioning from the Poppo into the East Shichifuku Road, where you should visit talk to this lady. She tells you certain information about why she remaining, then chances are you lead additional provide the consumer a visit, but things was out-of. Return regarding shop adopting the label and you will cam to the woman once again, that may end up in you being required to fight just one blade wielding enemy and then avoid the scenario.

“Excite Pick My Man Once more” Perilous Cover-up-and-Look for – Specifications – Cleaned Unsafe Mask-and-Search, Character Lv. 35 Award: a hundred,one hundred thousand Yen, a hundred SP Ohata demands you to definitely look for his boy to have your once more, so wade meet your at Bistro Mijore. The picture he delivers was off the design crane which is during the the newest Slopes Garden city, into North-Eastern area of Dragon’s Palace building. Head over here and you can relate solely to this new designated place, then browse straight-up to the top of one’s crane to location your.

Pub Sensitive

“I experienced Honey Swept up!” Honey Pitfall – Eliminated “There was a good Panty Burglar towards the Shed!”, Profile Lv. 15 Prize: 150,one hundred thousand Yen, a hundred SP At your workplace you are able to satisfy men titled Hyuga, who says a woman lied to him from the her decades and you can the guy ended up resting along with her, and from now on his name’s becoming dragged from mud since a result in which he can’t carry out their employment due to the fact a good standup comical. Go through each other dialogue choices to find some info about the fresh woman therefore the issues to her or him meeting, then you’ll have to visit Bantam to attempt to rating even more info about their.

After you make the image you’re going to have to struggle the great younger chap who’s entirely not only in it for the money. After a couple of sweet kicks he goes down effortless, then you will get the cash back regarding the lady and you may done the case.