New personal degree professor have an extensive experience with the public sciences and you can knows the value of the fresh new public sciences

Mathematical Perspectives: The fresh math professor understands the newest historic development of statistical suggestions, the newest interrelationship between people and you can mathematics, the structure away from mathematics therefore the evolving nature from mathematics and you may analytical degree

Geometry and you may Measurement: New mathematics professor knows and you can spends geometry, spatial reason, dimensions basics and you will standards and you will technology appropriate to teach the brand new statewide courses (Tx Crucial Degree and you may Experience [TEKS]) so you can get ready children to make use of math.

Likelihood and you may Analytics: The fresh math teacher understands and you can spends likelihood and you can statistics, the apps and you will technical appropriate to educate the newest statewide programs (Texas Important Knowledge and you may Enjoy [TEKS]) to help you prepare yourself pupils to utilize mathematics.

Analytical Procedure: The fresh new math professor understands and you can spends mathematical methods to reason mathematically, to resolve statistical dilemmas, and come up with mathematical connectivity in this and you may beyond math and discuss statistically.

Geography: The newest social studies teacher can be applied experience with anybody, urban centers and you may environments so you’re able to helps students’ comprehension of geographical relationships inside Colorado, the united states plus the world

Statistical Discovering and you can Tuition: This new math teacher knows how college students learn and develop statistical skills, methods and you may rules; knows typical mistakes pupils generate; and you will spends this knowledge in order to plan, plan out thereby applying education; in order to satisfy curriculum requirements; and also to illustrate most of the youngsters to understand and employ mathematics.

Analytical Assessment: The newest math professor knows review and spends some official and you may informal comparison techniques appropriate on the student towards a continuous foundation to monitor and you may guide classes in order to have a look at and report student improvements.

Professional Creativity: The brand new mathematics professor knows mathematics training once the a lifetime career, understands the significance and you may perks of being a good reflective specialist and you may realizes the significance of and make a beneficial lifelong commitment to elite group gains and invention.

New societal degree teacher spends studies and you will feel off societal education, as defined because of the Colorado Extremely important Studies and you will Skills (TEKS), so you’re able to plan thereby applying effective courses, instruction, testing and you may testing.

History: The new societal degree professor applies knowledge of high historic incidents and improvements, in addition to from numerous historical perceptions and you will records, in order to helps pupil understanding of relationships between the earlier in the day, today’s while the upcoming.

Economics: The latest public knowledge teacher knows exactly how somebody plan out monetary solutions to help you develop, spread and you can eat goods and services and you may spends this information so you’re able to permit college students understand economic expertise and then make told monetary behavior.

Government: The latest social knowledge professor knows how governments and you will formations out of electricity setting, give buy and you can spend some info and you can spends this information to help you assists scholar understanding of just how some one and you will communities reach the specifications using governmental systems.

Citizenship: The newest personal education professor knows citizenship in the united states and almost every other communities and you will spends this knowledge to arrange pupils to become listed on in our neighborhood as a consequence of an insight into popular beliefs and you will citizenship practices.

Culture: The fresh personal training teacher understands cultures and just how it write and you can adapt and you will spends this knowledge to enable youngsters to understand and value social diversity from inside the Texas, the united states additionally the globe.

Research, Tech and you will People: This new social studies professor understands developments from inside the science and you will technical and you can uses this knowledge to facilitate student understanding of the public and you will environmental outcomes off medical development and you will know-how.

This new science professor protects class, job and you will laboratory products to guarantee the security of all children and also the ethical proper care and you will remedy for organisms and you will specimens.

The research teacher knows exactly how technology influences the newest day-after-day existence away from people and how technology communicates that have and you can influences private and you can personal behavior.

The new technology professor knows and you may knows the fresh science articles appropriate to teach the statewide curriculum (Texas Very important Knowledge and Experience [TEKS]) inside the actual science.